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Why Drive With Us

We understand that we are new and that can be scary. We also understand that we are slowly growing our demand. Why drive with us? Because we care more about you as the driver than any other aspect of the business. We cannot survive without you. We have a mandate to keep you happy, and we will listen to what you want and implement change rapidly. We have to negotiate with you to ensure you are happy. You have the power. The CEO knows what it’s like to be a driver…he STILL DRIVES. We just want to treat you the way we want to be treated. With dignity and respect, we can go on this journey together.


As we said before, we cater to you, our drivers. The culture is of acceptance and diversity. We are a diverse team of veterans and active-duty personnel. We want to promote that throughout our company, and that includes drivers. The culture is inclusive and loving. However, we can always improve and there will always be adversity. I think we can get through that together.


FareDrive – an update to our system that allows a driver to navigate to a planned location and pick up rides.



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FareCare - Customer Service

For any problems with the app, pay, or anything, text us at (301) 778 – 8489. There are only a few of us, but we will get to you as soon as we can within our business hours. We usually can help with most app issues on the spot as well.
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