Our Mission

FareRyder's Mission

Our Mission is to provide sustainable and reliable transportation in an ever-moving world. We endeavor to drastically challenge the core of rideshare and elevate our most precious asset: our drivers. FareRyder’s future will hold benefits for our drivers, homes for our veterans, and funds for our marginalized communities.

FareRyder was created to accomplish 3 things:

1. FareRyder is making an effort to impact the homeless veteran community directly. Our vision is to build sustainable homes in which veterans can live and be rehabilitated so they can be reintegrated into our society. We understand that anyone can be an asset to society, and we find it necessary to work on their behalf to help them lead the life they way to live.
2. Saving the environment is the greatest endeavor. We know that we must lower our carbon emissions to continue living on this planet. FareRyder has the vision to build RydeShare centers. In these centers, drivers will be able to rent and use hybrid and electric vehicles. If we can give more access to these vehicles, we can rapidly proliferate electric vehicles and charging stations around the nation.
2. We want to utilize our FarePay system to uplift less affluent neighborhoods. We do this by using our partnerships to funnel funds directly to neighborhood projects that need a boost. We believe that we can slowly but surely improve the communities in which we operate without needing government assistance.
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