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Providing budget-friendly, quality service to our customers with trusted rideshare drivers nationwide

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Fareryder is 30% cheaper than other Rideshare companies

Fareryder is 30% cheaper than other Rideshare companies


About FareRyder

Fareryder was founded in the summer of 2019. We have made it our business to use our revenue to help homeless veterans as well as support community Initiatives.


FareRyder’s mission is to provide budget-friendly, quality service to our customers with trusted rideshare drivers nationwide. We want to electrify America, assist homeless veterans, and help to preserve our environment by providing safe, reliable, and dynamic transportation services.



Our drivers are a priority. Drivers earn 80% on every fare they complete. With our Direct to Driver pay system, drivers know how much they earn, and can transfer their funds directly to their accounts. We offer our drivers the flexibility of making their own schedules, allowing for more free time to spend with loved ones.

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Price Comparison

Our rides cost, on average, 20% less than the competitors.

Superior Service

We offer LIVE customer service, not just a machine. So if you call, we will answer!

B2B Marketing

Partner to give your customers a special promo code to save 5% on rides


Our drivers know what they earn—no hidden fees. Full transparency.

What we offer


Direct to Driver Payment

Drivers can now instantly transfer money to their bank accounts. Simply set up your payment destination information and you are on your way! Get paid instantly or within a few days. The choice is yours.



What rideshare company pays you to travel? FARERYDER! With FarePay, all customers have the opportunity to share their promotion code with your exclusive discount. If your code is used for any ride, you receive 1% of the revenue deposited right to your FareRyder account. Instantly cash it out or save it for a rainy day!



You have been asking Uber and Lyft for hourly work. Well we listened. FareDrive allows you to work hourly within a specific zone. No more hoping to make your daily quota. Now you can work when you want for a living wage!

rydeshare company

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Meet the Team

Allen Graham, JR

CEO Of FareRyder

Kevin Norton

Chief Operations Officer

Julanda Norton

Chief Human Resource Officer

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