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Welcome to the Investors’ Section of our website. At FareRyder, we continuously strive to refine our services and uphold our commitment to providing an unparalleled ride-hailing experience. This page outlines our current initiatives centered around technological advancements aimed at improving our application’s functionality, efficiency, and overall user experience.
Currently, each share of our progressive journey is valued at $350, subject to future revisions. Your potential investment represents a partnership in our continuous efforts towards fostering a cutting-edge, customer-oriented environment in the ride-hailing industry. Your support will enable us to ensure sustainable growth, increased profitability, and the highest standards of service delivery.
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DATE: AUGUST 07, 2023
Support for automated driver background checks120h 0m$18,000.00
In-Person booking with Stripe Reader in Seeds (Kiosk Mode)32h 0m$4,800.00
Ability to download ride or order invoice to PDF4h 0m$600.00
Queue of unassigned rides visible to administrators in Seeds3h 0m$450.00
Add location awareness to auto assignments using zones or geofences24h 0m$3,600.00
Option for driver to capture time used during charging12h 0m$1,800.00
Custom push notifications driven by status changes within a zone or geofence16h 0m$2,400.00
Target users for notification campaigns based on zone or geofence8h 0m$1,200.00
Use zones to setup and run pricing simulations for rides and orders32h 0m$4,800.00
User facing preferences to determine which notifications are received12h 0m$1,800.00
Notification preference: Newly submitted rides8h 0m$1,200.00
Notification preference: Rides requiring admin approval8h 0m$1,200.00
Show driver’s face, name, type of car, and license plate to customer28h 0m$4,200.00
Ability to create a user while creating a new ride in Seeds6h 0m$900.00
Ability to ban an account from using the service10h 0m$1,500.00
Ability to specify zone as an operating area in a route category18h 0m$2,700.00
Dynamic revenue projection reports based on vehicle utilization and quantity22h 0m$3,300.00
Settings in Seeds for determining App Clip auto approval preferences14h 0m$2,100.00
Set auto approval preferences based on zone or geofence where ride or order resides16h 0m$2,400.00
Redeem credits automatically using company signup code9h 0m$1,350.00
Support for client specific preferences for system related tasks20h 0m$3,000.00
Client Preference: 2/3 Distance Rule for payment processing4h 0m$600.00
Client Preference: Notification for a customer 5 minutes after ride has completed8h 0m$1,200.00
Client Preference: Option to explicitly use the estimate cost for a ride8h 0m$1,200.00
Customize content in transactional emails32h 0m$4,800.00
Update verbiage around verifications codes to include checking spam folder2h 0m$300.00
Support to manually approve a new customer instead of relying on verification code4h 0m$600.00
Include vehicle details on driver applications10h 0m$1,500.00
Automatically add driver vehicle to system when driver application has been approved8h 0m$1,200.00
Automatically attach driver vehicle to mobile app if driver vehicle is exclusive10h 0m$1,500.00
Separate reservations and orders based on city, zone, or geofence80h 0m$16,000.00
Messaging support in Seeds to communicate with drivers and customers18h 0m$2,700.00
Batch download support for company performance4h 0m$600.00
Granular date modifiers for company performance4h 0m$600.00
Support for custom cancellation rules and fees based on zone or geofence22h 0m$3,300.00
Support for renting platform vehicles and customer vehicles to users on the platform140h 0m$21,000.00
Static/fixed billing service option for payment calculations16h 0m$2,400.00
Service Preference: visibility around how revenue shares are completed (email and in-
Ability to specify which app versions should force a user to update8h 0m$1,200.00
Support for setting a global custom timeout for drivers when attaching their vehicle
VIN to the app (currently 24 hours)
12h 0m$1,800.00
Support for setting a per-driver custom timeout when attaching their vehicle VIN to the
8h 0m$1,200.00
Support for automatically flagging a vehicle based on VIN and fuel type36h 0m$7,200.00
Support for applying dynamic fees to an order or ride based on the fuel type of the
vehicle used to complete it
48h 0m$9,600.00
Reporting around usage of vehicles based on fuel type36h 0m$7,200.00
Reporting around savings between vehicles with different fuel types60h 0m$12,000.00
Client Preference: Show driver the cost of the ride and any optional referrals that were
6h 0m$900.00
Client Preference: Show customer the amount that the driver was paid and any
optional referrals that were paid
6h 0m$900.00
Separate on-demand rides from schedule rides in Seeds12h 0m$1,800.00
Discount support for user referral code revenue sharing14h 0m$2,100.00
Scalable discounts for companies who participate in revenue sharing16h 0m$2,400.00
Scalable discounts for users who participate in revenue sharing22h 0m$3,300.00
Service preference to show auto-rejection expiration date6h 0m$900.00
Show estimated wait time for closest on-demand driver during booking10h 0m$1,500.00
Dynamic option to pay drivers hourly when KPIs are hitTBD
Support for sms status changes for rides and orders12h 0m$1,800.00
Client Preference: Opt to sms instead of email for signup verifications16h 0m$2,400.00
Customize mobile app onboarding content based on account typeTBD
Custom direct payment milestones for driversTBD
Provide driver visibility around their past rides16h 0m$2,400.00
Provide driver visibility around their pay rates12h 0m$1,800.00
Provide driver visibility around their customer ratings8h 0m$1,200.00
Schedule one or more future notifications for a news item36h 0m$5,400.00
Pair a customer up with a driver for recurring, future rides80h 0m$12,000.00
Discord integration for push notifications, by content category24h 0m$3,600.00
Deep link to open the app and direct to the profile section16h 0m$2,400.00
Preference to restrict assigned rides to the user who is assigned10h 0m$1,500.00
Client Preference: Set the maximum allowed lead time before a ride can be started12h 0m$1,800.00
Sandbox testing environment for mobile app and seeds100h 0m$15,000.00
App Clips Advanced Experience manager18h 0m$2,700.00
Auto driver assignments based on closest driver to pickup location12h 0m$1,800.00
iOS Live Activities for ride and order progress48h 0m$7,200.00
Support for sending driver assignment requests via sms36h 0m$5,400.00
Use order service areas to determine mobile app order channel visibility8h 0m$1,200.00
Geofence support for creating custom service area shapes12h 0m$1,800.00
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